Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Organized & On It

A new job or promotion is always a great time for a little reorganization. Being a chronic list maker/organization extraordinaire, this is one of my favorite parts about a career change.

My desk space is somewhat shared and limited, so my reorg needed to be modern, clean and fresh. Luckily, I live less than a half mile from Target and they have all the things (minus the phone case). Plus they're affordable. Win win.

Calendar and planner: While my phone is great, having a physical calendar and written to-do list really helps me visualize and remember what's going on.

Organizers: Necessary. My current favorite is a "letter" organizer.This bad boy states it's for organizing letters, but I use it for housing my notepads, pens and loose pieces of paper. You know how you never know how much you needed something until you have it? Couldn't be truer. Same can be said about the folder organizer. With so many file folders, I need a place to put them all.

Phone case: You've got to differentiate your phone. And like what it looks like.

Desk accessories: Succulents, quartz paper weights, gold geometric spheres, rock bookends and mugs. All necessary. Really.

Stationery: Thank you cards, pens and business card holders are a must. Always. 

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