Friday, February 5, 2016

Presently: February

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February, for such a short month, you always find a way to keep me on my toes, when all I want to do is hibernate and nest. Good thing there's red wine. 

Making: to-do lists on to-do lists! Between my new job, leading BootCamp and freelancing, my calendar is booked and these lists are long.
Watching: documentaries on HBOnow and Netflix with Meg on the snowiest of nights. We recently watched "Burt's Buzz" and "Cobain: Montage of Heck."
Doing: my nails. No time (or budget) for manicures and pedicures this month.
Thinking: of cutting "eating out" from my diet for a week. Can I do it?
Visiting: with Meg over lunch (when I'm home) and dinner at night. It's nice to have a roommate again.
Rocking: snow boots. So much snow.
Spending: evenings in our cozy basement hibernating. That's totally allowed in February.
Shopping: online for used Patagonia (hello, eBay!) Between winter in Minnesota and an upcoming adventure (eek!), I need high quality layers.
Eating: more poorly than I'd like to admit. A busy month has a way of taking its toll on eating healthy.
Drinking: equal amounts of red wine and Airborne.
Missing: mornings where the sun was up before I was. Daylight savings, yes please.
Planning: a soul searching trip to Iceland - stay tuned!
Working: my new job! I recently accepted an Assistant Studio Manager job at the CorePower Yoga in Minnetonka. I'm loving my new home!
Reading: A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan.
Wanting: to reset. I'm leading BootCamp with CorePower starting on Saturday, so now sounds like the perfect time to think about how I'm eating, how much I'm sleeping and how much water I'm consuming.
Enjoying: the time spent with Camp in bed blogging, reading and settling down before going to bed. The noises he makes when he dreams are the cutest.
Writing: five blog posts a week! My new goal for 2016.
Pinning: healthy recipes and unique DIY projects.
Cooking: less than I want to. Living in a new space and sharing a kitchen takes some getting used to.
Pondering: how many calories you burn shoveling a driveway covered in 8 inches of snow...
Listening: to my "Winter Winds" playlist on Spotify. On repeat.
Liking: the idea of an epsom salt bath this week to warm my bones and relax my muscles.
Feeling: soreness in my muscles. I'm taking classes from the teachers at my new studio, and I'm beginning to feel the (sometimes) two classes per day.
Noticing: that 95% of happiness in life is based on attitude. Always.
Going: to lots of breweries, distilleries and cocktail bars in Minneapolis to fight the cold. Current favorites are Able Seedhouse + Brewery, Tattersall Distilling and Parlour.
Debating: a haircut. Wait...maybe not.
Loving: snoozes with Camp (who takes up most of the bed).
Marveling: over the true therapy that is drinking wine with your girlfriends (sometimes laying on the floor, channeling Kendall Jenner).

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