Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Home: Anatomy of a Bed

Post-breakup, the one thing I knew I needed to do almost immediately was change my bedding. There were so many pieces of our apartment that I couldn't afford to replace (bed itself, other furniture), but bedding was something I new I could afford to change, and needed to. 

There's something refreshing and therapeutic about new bedding. Even the thought of starting new felt cleansing to me. Having your own space, your own haven for rest, relaxation and healing is powerful. And it gave me the opportunity to start over and create a space solely for me (and Camp, of course).

What makes the anatomy of a good bed? First and foremost, prints, colors and patterns that feel and look like you. Choose something that looks like you, your personality. It's important to not go for a certain "look" or "feel" that might not speak to you personally. Your bed is your most sacred, humble space! 

Second? Comfort. Choose something comfortable! A nice down comforter, a foam topper, plushy pillows. Your bed should be your most comfortable space, so it's A-OK to spend a little extra money here. I heard a saying once that you should spend money on fabrics that touch your skin daily (bedding, towels etc.) and spend far less on everything else (drapes, rugs etc.) 

Third? Ease. I've seen beautiful beds with flat sheets, bedskirts and endless pillows. While that's great and works for some people, I allot roughly 3 minutes each morning to making my bed (truth, I do make my bed every day!) If I can't make my bed in 3 minutes, it's just not going to work for me. I like to shake out my down comforter/duvet, reset my pillows and call it a day. That's what works for me. 

I purchased most of my bedding online and used coupons/discounts (search for them, they're out there!) I waited until there was a bedding sale at both Target and Urban Outfitters, and purchased most of these items then (it wasn't too hard, as I bought them in December before the holidays). But don't worry, if you're looking for a quick re-haul all at once, you should be able to find some decent deals on an ongoing basis. Here's what I recommend:

Foam Mattress Topper: I put one of these on my bed and I can't believe I hadn't done so earlier. I have a comfortable mattress, but having an extra few inches of plushy foam makes my bed feel like a cloud. Target has a ton of mattress toppers, and usually has samples for you to feel in-store. 

Sheets: I habitually purchase my sheets from Target or Ikea. I'm sure thousand thread count sheets are amazing, but the basics are just fine for me! I recommend sticking to sheets that are darker and show less dirt (i.e. makeup, puppy prints etc.) My current sheets (and basic pillow cases) are dark gray.

Comforter: I've always had down (or alternative down) comforters. My mom spoiled me as a kid! They're warm, plushy, comfortable and truly make you feel like you're in a cloud. The good news is that Target and every other home store carry tons of options. I opted for a less expensive option (you never know with a pup) and it still feels great. 

Duvet: I spent the majority of my time looking for a duvet that fit my personality. Urban Outfitters always has incredible prints and lots of options in gray (my favorite). Plus, their duvets aren't jersey material, which wrinkle easily (thanks for the tip, Mom!) I also purchased matching shams, but am not using them currently.

Pillows: I currently have a body pillow by my headboard, and two generic pillows. I sleep with these each night, and should honestly invest in some new pillows (mine are pretty flat after the move). In addition, I have four plushy throw pillows. I spent a little bit of time looking for throw pillows (they're so expensive!) and bought three of them at Target, and another at Ikea. What I love about throw pillows is that they don't really need to match, and you don't need to have multiples of the same pillow. Having a handful of pillows tossed onto your bed looks effortless, and it's really comfortable to lay on.

Other details: I'm a big fan of symmetry, so I have matching end tables and lamps on either side of my bed (I had these from our apartment, so I didn't need to spend extra money on them). Next to my bed, I like to keep candles, photos, plants and some of my favorite books. I also like to hang things above my bed. Currently, I have a "happy" sign given to me by some of my yoga BFFs. It's a constant reminder to smile, keep my head up and remember that there's so much good in this world. I also have a birch branch wound with lights that my dad installed for me (thanks, poppy!) Since my headboard is low, having these pieces of art above my bed anchors everything together.

|| Photos are property of Mountain Shadow Morning. Must give credit. ||

Tell me more about your space!


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