Saturday, March 5, 2016

Presently: March

|| Photo is property of Mountain Shadow Morning. Must give credit. ||

Making: dinner as often as I can with Meg (hello roommates!)
Watching: Girls season 5! Already obsessed.
Doing: adult things (taxes, budgeting, laundry, cleaning etc.)
Thinking: about starting a dream journal.
Visiting: my besties in New York next month. Spring in the city? Yes please.
Rocking: a new jacket from Forever 21 that I snagged on sale for Iceland.
Spending: money at Whole Foods. Maybe too much. That place has a piece of my heart.
Shopping: for Iceland gear (hence the jacket above).
Eating: dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Can't stop. Should stop.
Drinking: Throat Coat tea and red wine. It's still winter, that's allowed, right?
Missing: sleeping in. What does that feel like, again?
Planning: upcoming trips to New York and Iceland.
Working: my new job! I'm a month in and feel all-in. I'm loving it more and more each day.
Reading: Adventures For Your Soul by Shannon Kaiser.
Wanting: an entire day for DIY projects. Wooden letters and Himalayan sea salt soap bars are on my mind.
Enjoying: every moment of cuddling time I have with Camp at night and in the morning.
Writing: my menu plan for next week and long to-do lists.
Pinning: pictures of rooms with lots of light and greenery.
Cooking: healthy, vegetarian dishes for lunches next week.
Pondering: how unhealthy it is to binge watch the new House of Cards season in one day...
Listening: to "Reality" by Lost Frequencies on repeat. Current fave.
Liking: my newest DIY project (more on that next week!)
Feeling: great from practicing yoga at least once a day.
Noticing: that my face feels great after using coconut oil on it for the past week.
Going: crazy with excitement over the warm(er) weather we're supposed to have last week. Hello 50s!
Debating: a long nap on Sunday afternoon. OK, doing it.
Loving: my Warby Parker frames. More on them soon!
Marveling: at how good I feel on a mostly plant-based diet. Any tips on fully transitioning friends?

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