Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Presently: January

|| Photo is property of Mountain Shadow Morning. Must give credit. || 

Making: chia pudding breakfasts with lots of coconut and all the fruit. Posting a recipe very soon!
Watching: Captive on Netflix (pretty dark, don't watch this one alone) and This Is Us (my mama got me hooked and I can't stop).
Doing: dishes. Food prep makes 'em pile up in the sink (for the record, I dislike doing dishes, but not as much as I dislike taking out the garbage).
Thinking: that winter really isn't that bad. We know it's coming every year, so let's embrace the North.
Visiting: the Stillwater Ice Castles sometime in the next few weeks. Embracing the North, right?
Rocking: the biggest North Face crew neck sweatshirt almost nonstop. And feeling zero shame about it.
Spending: money on groceries! Food prepping and eating healthy means a lot of trips to the grocery store.
Shopping: at the grocery store. January sounds like such a thrilling month for me, right?
Eating: no grains, dairy, legumes or added sugar.
Drinking: coffee and I'm still allowing myself some alcohol. I work at a brewery, I get a pass!
Missing: the sunshine. There's something very cozy about being in the dark for much of the day, but it'll be nice when the days start getting longer.
Planning: our Alaska trip! We have our tickets and lodging, but now we're determining what we're doing each day. We're mostly excited to be in Denali on its 100th anniversary and see the start of the Iditarod.
Working: a lot of hours managing the studio and leading Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training.
Reading: The Nordic Theory of Everything. Great read so far.
Wanting: PEANUT BUTTER (not allowed on Whole30).
Enjoying: morning coffee/work sessions with my BFF Riley at my apartment. It's a great way to see each-other, work and not spend money on coffee at a coffee shop.
Writing: blog posts on blog posts! It feels good to be back.
Pinning: clean eating recipes and outdoorsy photos.
Cooking: curry with cauliflower "rice." I found a great sauce at Trader Joe's and it couldn't be easier to make. Quickly becoming my go-to meal.
Pondering: whether to grow my hair out or chop it shorter.
Listening: to The 1975. Their music is great for my C2 classes.
Liking: my new 2017 planner. Writing things down and seeing my calendar on paper helps keep me much more organized than my online calendar does.
Feeling: like I'd like to hibernate for a few days. Doesn't staying in bed for days at a time sound so, so nice?
Noticing: how hippie-esque the wallpaper in my bathroom is. I don't hate it.
Going: to white knuckle it the entire way to the studio today. Minneapolis, dis snow is cray.
Debating: a quick girls weekend trip to Laguna Beach with Riley. A little sun and sand sounds perfect.
Loving: waking up after a good night's sleep.
Marveling: over how good people are. A little smile and kind words go a long, long way.

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