Friday, February 10, 2017

Local: Black Coffee + Waffle Bar

Black Coffee + Waffle Bar is one of the hidden gems of the Como neighborhood and Northeast Minneapolis. My friend Kelsey and I have a birthday tradition at this place, which usually lasts 3+ cups of coffee and a few hours (and yes, we smell like waffles when we leave).

Here's how Black works. It's located right on a corner, and the building curves and wraps around it. The outside of the building is jet black with their modern, pristine logo painted across it in white. Once you head inside, you head straight to the counter. Black always has 6-7 waffles on their menu, and another "special" waffle of the day (I always go for the Naughty waffle without whipped cream ]I actually think it's the healthiest one on the menu]). You also order a coffee because obviously. 

You then take your number and head to a table (there's two rooms of tables). Indie rock is obviously playing. The people behind the counter are smiling and super nice. You drink your coffee. You order another.

THEN YOUR WAFFLE COMES. And you're pretty sure life doesn't get any better than that.

Also, just check out their website (insert heart eye emoji). Time to go get a waffle. Happy Friday. 

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