Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Style: Our First Home

Remember when I alluded to big things on the horizon? By that, I meant a house. We bought a house!

|| All photos are property of Mountain Shadow Morning. Must give credit. ||

We're so lucky that things happened when they did, and as quickly as they did. Because buying a house in this market? Not easy. Every day we saw a house listed online, it was off the market within 1-2 days. And the houses we did see? They had 8+ offers. 

Thankfully, we had an incredible realtor (and close friend) who helped us through the process. We hit the ground running and within a week, we had found our dream home and put an offer in. 24 hours later, we got the incredible news that it was ours! Roughly 30 days later (very fast, as far as closings go), we got the keys. We aren't sure how we were so fortunate, but here we are - homeowners. 

As every single thing about my blog would suggest, I'm a "nester." As soon as we got the keys, we started painting. And let me tell you, we had so much painting to do (think bright red, green and blue everywhere). 2 weeks later, and we're almost done...

There's no part of me that is comfortable with decor staying in boxes or photos laying on the floor, waiting to be hung. Thankfully, we're both do-ers, and our parents//family have been the BIGGEST help! Hayden's family helped move us in in ONE DAY (one day, people!) and my parents helped us change two toilets, 5 light fixtures and decorate every single room. We're lucky kids, that's for sure. Two weeks after getting the keys, we're settled in and everything feels like home. 

My mama snapped a few photos this weekend after the toilets were changed out and all our photos were hung. We still have a few small things to buy and a lot of outdoor work to tackle, but I've been told that all of that takes time (not an easy concept for me to grasp). For now, we feel settled and cozy in our new home. 

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