Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Presently: June

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OK seriously, how is it June already!? It seems like just yesterday I was in Iceland (hence why I chose the above photo from one of my favorite coffee shops there...more on Iceland very soon). Thinking back to where I was a year ago, so much has changed! I'm pausing (for just a hot second) to think back to all of the great things that have happened over the past year, and how they led me to where I am now.

June is always an interesting month for me. It finally starts to feel like summer, and it marks the beginning of the busy summer months. While I feel like my head is spinning in a million directions, I'm challenging myself to pause and enjoy the little things every day (like sipping coffee and writing this blog post). 

Making: breakfast, lunch and dinner at home most days. With our beautiful new kitchen and our CSA box starting this week, we have no excuse not to.
Watching: The Wire on HBO. We've heard it's AMAZING and are giving it a shot (we're only on the fourth episode). I'm also binging Shameless when I'm alone, and secretly watching The Bachelorette when I can.
Doing: housework. We have a lot of outside painting and landscaping to do over the next few weeks. 
Thinking: about all the weddings we have this year. I have a few new floral dresses, and I'm excited to wear them!
Visiting: my family in Wisconsin in early July. We have a baby shower for my sister (yay!) and a wedding, so we're spending some quality time in the country. 
Wearing: my Tevas like they're going out of style (which they aren't. Ever. They're amazing).
Spending: money on dresses for weddings. Turns out I had way less dresses than I thought I did...
Shopping: thrift stores and garage sales for some house things we need (we haven't started doing this YET, but it's on our list of things to do!)
Eating: homemade bread - my first try at it! I give it a 6/10...I need some more practice!
Drinking: old fashioneds. It's the perfect summer drink, plus knowing we're going to Wisconsin makes me want to drink them even more. 
Missing: sleeping when it's not insanely humid outside. I'm in a constant state of sweat. 
Planning: a surprise gift for Hayden for Christmas (I understand how far in advance that is, but it's going to take a lot of planning!)
Working: on transitioning into a new job! More on that soon. 
Reading: my Backpacker and Yoga Journal magazines from the past few months. A change of address = all the past issues coming at once. 
Wanting: two more hours of sleep every night. 
Enjoying: experimenting with new recipes - I made rhubarb apple butter the other day and gave myself a BIG pat on the back for how it tasted. 
Pinning: ...honestly not much lately. 
Pondering: what the different types of wagging tails means. Camp has some crazy variations. Time to do some research. 
Listening: to country music. When summer rolls around, it's all I want to listen to. 
Liking: daytime Google chat conversations with my besties when I have a minute to spare from work. 
Feeling: a little more drained than usual, but these beautiful days are making up for it.  
Noticing: that my mood is so much better when I actively decide to be in a good mood. Do you guys ever feel that way? 
Going: crazy planning Instagram posts for my new Instagram account (follow along at @MountainShadowMorning!)
Debating: having a guest blogger or two on the blog - what do you think? 
Loving: FaceTime sessions with my parents. Seeing their faces every day is the best. 
Marveling: at how after all these years, coffee in the morning is still so.damn.good.

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