Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dine: Cooking for Two

It feels like a sign of age, but I'm obsessed with cooking.

Obsessed. After recently buying a crockpot and accumulating about every kitchen item possible over the last year, I think I've found my new hobby. I'm no chef yet, but I've gotta say, this girl can cook.

My favorite way to cook? Cooking for two....or three or four.

I love a busy kitchen - people walking around, eating and cooking at the same time, sipping a glass of wine and making a little bit of mess as we go (wait, who am I kidding, I never like a mess.) But with the company I keep, it's always a little unavoidable. I'm starting to appreciate the chaos.

And old recipes. My favorite dish to cook? My mom's famous lasagna - absolutely delicious. Paired with homemade garlic bread, a balsamic salad a glass of white wine - or red if I'm daring.

Here was our masterpiece last night! It wasn't lasagna, but it was amazing none-the-less!

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