Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life: A Place of My Own

Well, another big girl moment happened today - I signed a lease for my very first studio apartment! Starting on August 1st, I'll officially be a dweller of Lowry Hill East neighborhood, better known as "The Wedge." I'm so excited to live on my own, decorate my own studio and begin my Uptown life. August can't come soon enough!

So now that I've signed a lease and have an official move-in date, the furniture shopping begins. I was pretty lucky Memorial Day weekend (remember my Wisconsin trip? Needless to say, I made a haul rummage sale-ing - a dresser, table, stools and kitchen accessories galore), but still have a lot on my list! 

For the studio:
1. New bedding (I'm thinking yellow stripes!)
2. Shower curtain
3. TV
4. New bed and mattress
5. Small couch
6. Coffee table
7. Pots and pans
8. Air conditioning unit (a little old-school, I have to admit)
9. Dishwashing supplies (back to doing the dishes!)
10. Drinking glasses
11....and so much more

It looks like I have a lot of shopping to do! I can't wait to get started.

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