Sunday, July 15, 2012

Life: Being Passionate

Every so often, I have to remind myself of the quote above. Not only is Julia Child one of the world's cooking greats (I bow down to her), she is also extremely wise. In the fast-paced lives we're leading, I think a lot of us forget to remember what we're passionate about.

Even as a young professional, I can see how it's easy to lose touch - I don't know about you, but my cell phone is always buzzing with work emails, social media updates, texts, calls and everything else. With the busyness of the lives we're leading, it's easy to not take time to sit, relax and make time for our hobbies and interests.

Thankfully, I haven't completely lost sight of my passions. While I admit I have less time for them than I used to, I am no less passionate.

1. Writing - I've always been interested in writing. And by majoring in journalism, I honed that interest. I'm currently a blogger and freelance for Minnesota Bride magazine. One day, I hope to publish a novel (or two....)

2. Cooking - I've always loved cooking. Unfortunately, living in a freshman dorm and sorority house for the past few years idled this interest. Over the past year, however, my love for cooking has been reignited. While I'm no Julia Child yet, hopefully one day, I will be.

3. Traveling - I was very fortunate to have traveled frequently at a young age. At 22, I've been to France, Italy, England and a handfull of places across the U.S. Recently, I've been obsessed with travel destinations across the United States. From Big Sur to Nantucket, I can't wait to plan my next adventure.

And these are just a few - what are you passionate about?

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