Monday, July 16, 2012

Style: Summer Style

This week, I found myself committing one of the biggest 'don'ts' of the summer season - amidst the extreme heat and humidity this week, I found myself wishing away summer.

While I'm more than excited for the leaves to start changing colors and for the temperature to drop, there is something special about summer. Warm summer nights, late sunsets and early morning sunrises, summer is a season unlike any other. For just a few months out of the year, it's as though everyone lets their hair down and adopts a free-spirited attitude.

And summer style is just the same. A time for dresses, bold hats, short shorts and stylish sunglasses, I have to say, I know I will miss summer fashion once the season fades away.

So in lieu of the fact that it's already mid-July, I thought it would be only fitting to pay homage to some of my favorite summer looks. With less than two months left, I'll be sad to see summer go...

 || turquoise ||
 || chambray ||
|| nautical ||

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