Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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Hello Twentyapolis readers! I’m so happy to be back after a few weeks away!
With Christmas just a week away and winter in full swing, it’s time to bundle up and keep warm for the next few months. One of my favorite ways to do so is by layering with soft fabrics and chic knits. While we’re no stranger to layering our top half – sweaters, scarves, vests – legs get cold too! From colored skinny jeans to opaque tights to warm leggings, this winter it’s all about creative ways to keep legs covered and cozy. Start layering from the bottom up with these trends.
A perfect addition for tall boots, these knit socks are sure to keep you toasty whether you’re at home or out running errands.
Bootights, Bootights
Exactly as the name suggests, these tights have a pair of socks built in. With an assortment of patterns to choose from, these tights have everything you need from control top to a soft waistband to keep you looking great and warm! Brilliant.
A winter wardrobe is not complete until you’ve stocked up on opaque tights. Soft, stretchy and adorable with pretty much any shoe, what more could you ask for?
I’m somewhat of a leggings-snob since I pretty much live in them from October to May. Of all the leggings I own, these super soft fleece-lined leggings are the best. They look great under skirts, dresses or even with a big comfy sweater!
A new love of mine this winter is corduroy. These casual skinny cords from Gap are available in a variety of fun colors, and look great when work with ballet flats, a comfy tee and the biggest scarf you can find.

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