Thursday, December 20, 2012

Travel: Holiday in the Heat.

It's good to see you again! I love guest-posting with Shop With Sarah, and was fortunate to do so again yesterday! In case you missed it, take a look at these must-haves for a holiday spent on the beach!

   Being from the Midwest, once the first snow falls, it’s easy to forget that sunscreen, bikinis and sundresses even exist. So, when leaving the bitter cold and snow for a week filled of sand and sun, it’s nice to be reminded of the essentials.

And here they are! From sunscreen to lip balm and a cotton maxi, these items are the key to any holiday spent on a beach.

Enjoy, and happy sunning!

-       C

P.S. Consider putting these must-haves in your carry-on – heaven forbid your luggage gets lost, you can survive on these for a day or so!

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