Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Style: Writer's Arsenal

OK, I had to take a little (much needed) break from writing. And what better way to prevent writer's block than by blogging? My thoughts exactly. 

Being on deadline to write my next article feels a lot like writing a college paper at the very last minute. I still procrastinate just like I used to and give myself "breaks" every five minutes to check Pinterest and Facebook. Not to mention, I sit on my couch, wrapped in a blanket and try to move from this position as little as possible. Because, if I do, I may never sit back down and finish writing.

But to do all of this, I need my essentials. And yes, each of these is absolutely vital to my writing success. Well, maybe they aren't. Either way, I feel my writing is better when I have some of my favorite things.

Notebook - A given for any writer. Notes/doodles galore.

Minnesota Bride - Having the most recent issue is an absolute necessity. I need to keep on trend with what we're covering, and make sure that I don't write about something we recently featured.

Kashi Cookies - MY FAVORITE. I love Kashi. They taste great, and they're great for you. (Well, maybe not great, but you get the picture.) For a cookie, they're pretty healthy. And I need chocolate. That is that.

Candles - I was given the below candle as a gift for Christmas, and it is my absolute favorite. The scent is French Cade and Lavender (remember how I said lavender is my favorite?) The McCarthys know me so well! This candle seriously puts me in my zen place.

Blanket - I do my writing on the couch. And it's currently March in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, that means it's still cold. Blanket = necessity.

Tea - Currently obsessed with blueberry green tea. OBSESSED. Not to mention, caffeine is always a good thing.

Macbook - I can't get anything done without this little baby.

Mug - Whenever I'm writing, I drink endless cups of coffee/tea/water/juice/ANYTHING. It's probably yet another procrastination tool of mine, to continue filling my mug. Who knows.

Yoga DVD - Even if I tell myself I can't take the time away from my couch and computer to make it to the gym, I can definitely do a bit of yoga in my living room. I just bought this DVD from Amazon and am in love with it. It's a great workout and it gets me off the couch. And helps me procrastinate (a little, in a good way!)

And with that, it's back to writing...See you soon!

 - C

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