Monday, April 1, 2013

Style: Current Favorites

I love when people give me recommendations to try something new (with that being said, please share anything below!) Seriously, if you tell me about a new restaurant, book, lip gloss or recipe...the likelihood that I will try it is very good. 

I know I have my "Currently Obsessed" sidebar, but I honestly would feel a bit weird putting all of my current obsessions there. Being currently obsessed with yogurt is not the best impression I could give you guys. So here it is, a list of some of my top 10 current favorite everythings.

tea || succulents || toms || chobani || detroit tigers leggings || Kashi cookies || yoga mat || apron || hair ties || headband

Blueberry Green Tea - I'm not a green tea fan. But lately? I can't get enough. 

Succulents - Jack and I recently bought a few different succulents and repotted them into one large pot. I'm in love with them! They bring life into my studio and only need to be watered twice a month. Perfect plant for us!

Toms - It was in the 40s this weekend in Minneapolis, which means I can finally start retiring my Uggs. I've been obsessed with these shoes for a while now, and think this is the year they belong to be in my closet.

Chobani - Ever since I started working, I have been eating breakfast at work. At 6 a.m., I'm barely awake, let alone hungry. I've been changing it up with protein bars and oatmeal, and recently began eating Chobani. I know I'm late to the Greek yogurt chain, but hello, this stuff is delicious.

Detroit Tigers Gear - It's almost baseball season! For Jack and me, that means Tigers, Tigers, Tigers. I'm obsessed with the Victoria's Secret selection of Tigers gear this year. Those yoga leggings? I need them. Jack, if you're looking to buy me a surprise gift anytime soon...

Kashi Cookies - I love cookies. And I like healthy food. Perfect match? I think so!

Yoga - I can't get enough yoga lately. And I very quickly realized that consistent yoga practice requires a seriously good mat. This little baby will be mine in the next few weeks!

Aprons - After ruining a few shirts, I've learned an apron is a necessity in my kitchen. The best part? They're cute. And I feel like Julia Child when I wear one!

Hair Ties - You guys, these are SO much cuter than traditional hair ties. The glittery ones? Love!

Lululemon Bang Buster Headband - I'm the first to admit I look seriously goofy in headbands. But this thing is perfect for yoga. Regardless of how I look.

What are your current obsessions?

 - C

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