Monday, May 13, 2013

Life: Day 13: An Apology to Myself

Here it goes, you guys. It's day 13 of Blog Every Day in May, and today, I'm issuing a public myself. It's a big one you guys. So, without further ado, here goes nothing.

Hey you,

I'm sorry I haven't always given 100% when it comes to my health. I know I could give you 100 reasons about why I've put health and fitness on the back burner over the past few years, but there really is no excuse for it.  It's OK that you got off track, but it's time to get back on it.

You've been doing great over the past few months to re-prioritize health and fitness, so keep it up! You know better than anyone that getting enough sleep, eating right, exercising and taking time for yourself are the keys to your happiness. I know it isn't always easy, but your hard work will pay off, and your body will thank you for it.

What you're doing now is a complete lifestyle change, and lady, that's big stuff. It won't happen overnight, and you won't always be perfect when it comes to eating and exercise. Remember - eat food, not too much, mostly plants...but also indulge here and there. Like in chocolate. Be healthy, but never say no to chocolate.

I'm sorry we had it rough over the past few years, but we're on the right track. Let's do this, lady!

 - C

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