Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life: Day 14: Being Happy

I'm a pretty happy person. Which is why I absolutely adore today's blog post for Blog Every Day in May. Listing 10 things that make me happy? Absolutely! Actually, I love this post so much, I realized I've written it before! To see my list of 20 things that make me happy from last August, click here!

In the spirit of the blogging challenge, here are 10 more things that make me as happy as a clam.

1. A hot cup of coffee
2. Singing in the shower
3. Baking and cooking in my kitchen
4. Walks around Lake of the Isles
5. Anything having to do with my dog, Boone
6. The first day of a vacation
7. Garage sales all summer long
8. Spending weekends with my family
9. Hand-holding and inside jokes with Jack
10. Being as eco-friendly as possible

 What makes you happiest?

 - C

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