Monday, May 6, 2013

Life: Day 7: Fears

Fears? Now you guys, this is a big one. Sure, I have semi-irrational fears (spiders ARE scary, you guys!), but sharing what truly frightens me is a big deal. Getting into your deepest, darkest fears is personal, and it's something I've shared with very few people. But, for the sake of Blog Every Day in May, here we go.

Spiders, snakes and sharks
Totally rational, in my opinion. When I have nightmares, that's what they're about. And they're horrifying. Actually, let's add all bugs and reptiles. They all scare me. Every single one of them.

Serial killers
Obviously. Mainly ones that wear masks and look like characters from every horror movie I've ever seen. Or the TV show Criminal Minds.

Leaving my apartment with a lit candle/hot appliance
This is one of my biggest fears. Every time I leave my house, I experience at least 15 seconds of anxiety over whether or not I blew out my candles and turned off every hair tool or appliance possible. I think deep down I'm afraid my negligence will burn down my apartment building. And the thought seriously terrifies me.

Losing control
I know this is broad, but the thought of losing control of anything in my life scares me. Whether it's my job, my finances, or even something as little as having to change plans at the last minute - I don't handle it well. Losing control truly scares me.

Having regrets
I try to be confident in every decision that I make, but sometimes, I can't help but wonder if, one day, I'll regret a decision that I've made. The thought of doing so honestly makes me ache inside. I never want to look back on any part of my life and regret a decision I made, or one I didn't make. While I think I'm doing a pretty good job so far, the thought of having regrets one day scares me. I hope it doesn't happen.

OK, that's a bit of a heavy topic for a Tuesday. OK loves, any fears you want to share?

 - C


  1. I love that you post about serial killers and I post about being abducted. Um both are scary and clearly I/we watch way too much Law & Order SVU!

  2. Seriously - we watch it too often!


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