Monday, May 6, 2013

Life: {Late} Day 3: Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Sorry it's a bit late! I finally am getting to this post. Like my BFF at Run Shop Eat Repeat, there aren't many things that make me uncomfortable. While I would classify myself as having a rather uptight personality, I'm rarely uncomfortable in any situation. But there are a few things that stand out to me.

Having dry hands
This is probably my biggest pet peeve. It sounds weird, but I am going to defend myself by saying that my sister has the exact same issue that I do with dry hands. When my hands are dry, it's like my skin is crawling, and I'd honestly do just about anything to have access to lotion. When they're really dry, I don't even like touching things made out of paper or wood (I know, it sounds crazy). On that note, I also don't like holding newspapers. Dry and flimsy with ink that runs onto your fingers? Not my thing.

Sitting next to chatty people on airplanes
I only say this because I've had a few bad experiences on airplanes. It seems that every time I board an airplane, I end up sitting next to the chattiest person on the planet. It's not that I dislike meeting new people. Plane rides are the one time where I have a legitimate excuse to take a nap, listen to music or read a book. But when the person next to me on the airplane is trying to chat with me, it makes it a little difficult. And when I flip the pages of my book mid-conversation? Super uncomfortable.

Being the center of attention
You'd think that someone who has a blog and works in PR wouldn't mind being the center of attention. But for me, this makes me extremely uncomfortable. Trust me, I'm nowhere near cool enough for people to pay sole attention to me. The fact that I'll be getting married one day and everyone's eyes will be on me (plus my handsome groom) seriously make me cringe.

OK, there you have it! What makes you uncomfortable, loves?

 - C

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