Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Right Foot

Remember back in December when I made my resolutions for 2013? Well, number one on my list was to run a 5K and a half marathon. I checked the 5K off my list in February, but have made zero headway with the half marathon. But it's already mid-August, and I need to change that.

 So here it goes - starting TODAY, I'm training for my first half marathon!

Thankfully, I found the Beginner's Half Marathon Training Schedule on Fitsugar, which should help me start things off on the right foot. While I'm not in bad shape, I am by no means ready to tackle a half marathon, but this schedule should help get me there. While I have just less than 12 weeks, I'm really hoping I can make my resolution a reality by October 26 - just in time for The Monster Dash! A half marathon during my favorite month, close to one of the best holidays around? Sign me up!

While I'm ridiculously excited (and incredibly nervous) to start training and tackle a half marathon, I need a bit of help from you guys - have you participated in The Monster Dash or a half marathon before? If so, I'd love to hear your recommendations. I need all the positive encouragement I can get!


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