Monday, August 12, 2013

Love: Us

Uh oh, it's time for a sappy little post on the blog today, loves.

A few weeks ago, a good friend of ours, Jackson of Jackson Faith Photography, came by to snap a few lifestyle photos of Jack and me. A few hours, a nice long walk and a couple drinks later, we had ourselves a pretty little photo shoot. Needless to say, Jackson is amazing at what he does. I repeat, amazing. He made us feel so comfortable and so ourselves, that at times, I swear we forgot there was even a camera around (see the final picture). We had such a great time, and can't wait to hang a few of these gems around our apartment! (There will be an apartment post coming soon - I promise!)

Have a great Monday, loves!
|| Photos are property of Jackson Faith Photography. Do not use or distribute. ||

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