Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Travel: And Away We Go

Well gems, NYC is calling our names.

I absolutely adored New York City when I visited on a girls trip in June, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go again. Jack has a conference to attend, and luckily my agency has an office in Midtown - the stars aligned and we just couldn't say no to a few days in the Big Apple. 

We're leaving first thing Wednesday and will be busy bees working until Friday morning. On Friday and Saturday, we'll be spending time roaming around Manhattan and Brooklyn, and likely taking as many selfies as humanly possible. What can I say, we're that kind of couple.

While I'm beyond excited for our mini vacation, packing really threw me for a loop. Since we would only be there for five days, I decided I wanted to use a carry-on suitcase to not pay a luggage fee. Let me tell you, while I'm saving $25, I might be losing my sanity. Packing two days of work outfits, as well as outfits for exploring the city and a fancy dinner out (yes, we needed at least one date night!), isn't easy.

After way too much time staring at my closet, I think I have everything I need. The weather will be fluctuating between the high 60s and low/mid 70s, so I needed to pack a bit of everything. It's a gamble whether my suitcase will close, but we'll make it there. (Do you see my fall color scheme I have going on? Bring it on, autumn!)

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