Friday, September 6, 2013

Life: Three Month Vaca

Blogtember, you're really killing me today. Asking me what I'd do with a three-month vaca? This is cruel.

If I had three months where I could do anything (and budget wasn't holding me back), I'd still keep things pretty simple. I'd go on a fall camping trip with my family and Jack, and would catch up on all of the books I told myself I'd eventually read. I'd watch Pretty Woman over and over with my mom (it's our favorite movie) and still get teary-eyed during the sappy parts.

After that, I'd head on a 1-2 month vacation to Italy - my favorite place in the entire world. I traveled there seven years ago (oh my goodness that makes me feel old) and am dying to go back. Positano is next on my list.

During my free-time jet-setting around the world, I'd do lots and lots of yoga. It's good to be relaxed on vacation, right?

And with that, I'm off to work - no three- month vaca for me. Have a great Friday, loves!


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