Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday: 2014

Happy last day of 2013, gems! I have to say, 2013 has been pretty good to me.

Very needless to say, this year has been good to me, Jack and our families (remember this post?). I lived alone, and loved it. Jack and I signed a lease for and moved into our first apartment together. We spent time with family in Wisconsin, Minnesota and all around the Midwest. I was published again in Minnesota Bride. One of my dearest friends got married, and another found out a little bundle of joy is on the way. I spent time in NYC with Jack and my best girlfriends. We laid by the pool, camped, ate, drank, laughed with friends. I blogged, sometimes a lot, sometimes not enough. We went to our first real outdoor, hippie concert to see Mumford & Sons with our best friends. We cheered on the Packers and the Lions (sort-of the Lions). I got Lasik. We saw concerts, cooked meals, went to happy hours, took walks along St. Anthony Main, decorated and broke many things in our apartment, became "adults" with good credit scores, bills and loan payments. We went to Mexico and enjoyed every second. I cooked our first Thanksgiving dinner (and things actually tasted really good). We read books, drank old fashioneds, spent the holidays with our families and loved each-other.

2013, you've been good to us. Thank you for that.

So for us, we're celebrating 2013 the best way we know how - fancy dresses, suits and ties, bottles of champagne, festive celebrations and great friends. I can't think of a better way to celebrate all the great things that happened in 2013, and ring in a brand new year!

Enjoy the last hours of 2013. I'll see you in the new year!

 - C

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