Monday, December 30, 2013

Life: The Girls

Happiest of Mondays, loves! At least, that's what I'm telling myself this morning. Minneapolis is FREEZING today. Literally freezing (and no, I'm not being dramatic). With the wind chill, Minnesota is ranging anywhere in-between -30 and -70 degrees today. Remember that time I came back here from Mexico? Why on earth did I do that, again?

What is helping me get through today is reminiscing about my much-needed weekend with my BFFs. Truth be told, I think one of the healthiest things you can do is spend quality time with your girlfriends. Growing up with a sister and as a sorority girl, my girlfriends have always been incredibly important and special to me. While I love spending time with Jack and growing our relationship every day, the first (and strongest) relationships I ever built were those with my girlfriends. I know it's cheesy, but ladies, I love you and I need you. And I'm one lucky girl to have you!

It's funny - while work, busy schedules, holidays, travel and everything else might get in the way, whenever we are able to spend time together, it's as though nothing has changed. After a weekend telling and retelling stories, asking for and giving advice, drinking, eating, giving many, many hugs and laughing until we cry, I feel restored. Girls, you get me. You're here for me, care about me and sometimes know me better than I know myself. I love you ladies, and don't know what I'd do without you!

Not to mention, these pictures are helping me get through this most dreaded Monday, and I love you for that. Can't wait to see you all again soon!

Until next time,

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