Friday, January 31, 2014

Love: About Us

It's no secret that Jack is a pretty big part of my blog (and truth be told, I am hoping his presence will increase even more in 2014). And while I focus on me more often than not, I think it's time for a post focused on us. He's a pretty great catch, that guy is, and I'm lucky to have him!

So while you might know a few things about me, I think it's time to get to know us. Here are 20 things about Jack & Coco.

1. We met in college in the spring of 2010, and became best friends almost instantly. We started dating a year later, and have been together ever since.
2. I'm addicted to leggings and denim. He is addicted to coats of any sort and flat-brimmed hats.
3. I'm hyper-organized. He forgets what day it is.
4. He likes to take pictures of me sleeping (in a non-creepy way). 
5. He nicknamed me Coco, and it stuck. Now, it's my universal nickname. His nickname is Pants.
6. We are always checking our phones. He is always on Reddit, and I am always on Instagram.
7. He said "I love you" first.
8. We are true Midwesterners. He grew up in Michigan, and I grew up in Wisconsin. We now live happily in Minnesota.
9. We are city folk, but I loves the outdoors.
10. I love sending hand-written cards. He likes signing his name at the bottom.
11. We are coffee addicts. He takes his black with a hint of cream. I prefer lattes. 
12. We love traveling, and just planned our 2014 trip - Seattle here we come!
13. We are adding "proud dog owners" to our resumes later this year.
14. He listens to alternative rock. I prefer indie rock/folk.
15. I drink red wine with dinner, he drinks Guinness.
16. Weekend mornings in bed are our favorite times together.
17. Our first date three years ago was at 112 Eatery in Minneapolis. We go back every year on our anniversary. 
18. I'm an early bird. He prefers to sleep in until noon.
19. BREAKFAST FOOD. For every meal. That's how we like it.
20. We love each-other, and our love grows every day.


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