Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mood: February Feel

Oh February, I like how you feel.

While I'm busier than ever at work, this month gets me. February, in only 28 days, you truly know how to get work done and pack a serious punch. Valentine's Day, President's Day (which oddly means the day off work for me), and the beginning signs of spring. Minnesotans know that February is typically the first month that temperatures aren't below zero, the snow seems to lighten up a little bit, and the days begin to get noticeably longer. And just like that, February's 28 days are over, and it's March. And you know what that means - the end of winter is closer than ever, and spring is just around the corner!

In February, I tend to "nest" a little bit. It's basically month four of our winter, so being outdoors has pretty much lost all novelty at this point. Not to mention, Valentine's Day gives me the excuse I need to stay inside all day baking, eating chocolate-covered everything, and watching the sappiest movies all day long while staying in my pajamas for as long as I like. What's not to love?

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