Thursday, January 9, 2014

Style: Look Alike

It's been quite a while since my last outfit post. Even though I'm in desperate need of caffeine {and a nice warm blanket} in each of these photos, I truly loved this outfit when I had it on, so I had to share!

Let's start with Wednesday. Wednesday. The "warmest" day of the polar vortex. After the last 2+ days of freezing temperatures {which included double layers of socks, winter hats both outdoors and indoors and multiple blankets at my desk at work}, I wasn't looking to impress anyone at work with my ensemble. I mean, considering I hadn't frozen and become an icicle yet, just being at work was a feat in my opinion. After a quick search through my closet, I picked out a few of my warmest, comfiest pieces. Whatever this looks like together, I'm wearing it today. Those were my thoughts exactly.

Low and behold, the ensemble didn't look half bad. Or bad at all, really. I was a little nervous as each piece {sweater, tank and scarf} all sort of looked alike {similar colors but different patterns}, but for some weird reason, it all worked out. I'm chalking it up to the fashion gods feeling sorry for us Midwesterners {polar vortex and all}.

Have a lovely Thursday.


|| Photos are property of Twentyapolis. Do not use or distribute. ||

sweater: Target || tanks: Gap || scarf: Target || pants: Gap (similar) || boots: Coconuts Britain Riding Boot at DSW (get them now - they're on sale!) || lipstick: Nyx "Peach Bellini"

**A big shout out and THANK YOU to Jack for snapping these photos {and so many others like it} while we are zombies before work! Especially while telling the worst jokes {see the fourth photo for proof}. You're quite charming. I love you.**


  1. CUTE! What color is the tank in? I want to buy itttt :) Adorable outfit!

    1. Thank you! It's seriously one of the most comfortable outfits I've worn in a while! The tanks (I'm wearing two layered) are the Gap Pure Body collection. They have neutral colors (that specific one was from last season), but I LOVE them all - I own one in almost every color. Highly recommend!


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