Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life: Presently...

Some of my favorite bloggers (here and here) have some sort of "currently" post, and I absolutely adore them. As you guys know, I like to be as truly open and honest as possible with you guys, and I think keeping you in the loop about the big things, as well as the little things, is the best way for me to do so. 

So here it is! Look for these much more often in the future. Especially when my brain and to-do list are on overload, these posts will help me keep content on the blog, and also de-stress me. I find that writing things down (especially here) really does make me feel better. You guys have a pretty great effect on me!

Making: dinner, every single night of the week. Makes a girl feel good.
Watching: Freaks and Geeks on Netflix. 
Doing: housework. Our apartment needs a winter cleaning.
Thinking: I should get started on that housework. Like. Now.
Rocking: a French braid.
Eating: a low gluten diet.
Drinking: red wine and cider.
Missing: sunlight past 5 p.m.
Planning: vacation days for 2014.
Working: a lot. At my PR job and on future blog content.
Reading: Paris Street Style. A favorite holiday gift from the most stylish gal - my mom!
Wanting: to live in this area (St. Anthony Main/Mill District) forever.
Enjoying: yoga after work (or sometimes wine after work) with one of my BFFs.
Writing: Valentine's Day-themed blog posts.
Pinning: all things red+white+pink+glittery and lovey-dovey.
Pondering: vacation options for 2014 with Jack and the girls.
Listening: to the 20/20 Experience before JT's concert in February.
Liking: FaceTime sessions with my sister. 
Feeling: a little overloaded, but confident I can manage.
Knowing: Jack loves me. 
Noticing: how genuinely good people are. Jack lost his phone last weekend, and the nicest woman found it, contacted us and returned it a warm heart.
Debating: cutting my hair. A truly constant battle.
Marveling: at the beauty of Minneapolis, even during the polar vortex.


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