Thursday, March 20, 2014

Travel: China

That's right, we're headed east. Way, way east.

This trip was both a complete surprise and yet, no surprise at all (let me explain). Jack's parents have been planning a trip to China for some time now, and while we were desperately hoping we could tag along, our busy work schedules and a handful of other things made that impossible (or so we thought). A few weeks ago, the fates aligned and our calendars opened up.

So, yes, we're going to China. In 10 weeks. For 10 days. Excitement doesn't even begin to describe it!

Unfortunately, I took nearly three years of Italian in college, so don't know a single word of Mandarin Chinese. Luckily, Jack's mom and brother are conversational in the language, so I'm covered. Not to mention, all of Jack's family members have been to China before (him included), so they know exactly where to go, what to eat, where to stay, what attractions to see etc. I couldn't be going with a more knowledgeable or generally amazing group!

There will be much more to come in the coming weeks regarding our newest adventure (think travel necessities, how to survive 16 hour long flights, packing etc.), so bear with me while we prep for our trip!

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I'm so excited to head to China with that guy!


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