Monday, March 24, 2014

Life: Moody Monday

I'm moody this Monday morning. 

You know those weekends that are just so good that the thought of them ending is actually kind of painful? That's how I'm feeling today. After an incredibly relaxing and much-needed weekend in Wisconsin with Jack and my family, I'm desperately wishing today wasn't Monday. Why can't the weekend just be one day longer?

Not to mention, there's more snow in our forecast this week. Monday, I think you should just call it a day and go home.

To try to brighten my mood and lift my attitude, these recent Instagram photos are totally taking me back to a truly wonderful past two weeks. A weekend spent at home lunching with my mom and making our hand-crafted old fashioneds with my dad, spending last weekend in Chicago with my best girls, cooking, drinking, wearing spring clothes and prepping for a new article for Minnesota Bride

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Monday, you're a rough one, but let's do this.


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