Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Life: Presently

Making: lots of DIY projects (all of which will be shared on the blog soon!) Great weather and sunny nights put me in the DIY mood
Watching: Game of Thrones (quite possibly my ultimate favorite TV show). We just finished it last week (tear), and with no new shows on the horizon, I'm spending my nights DIY-ing on the patio and watching Jack play soccer on the weekends.
Doing: chores around the apartment.
Thinking: that summer is going by way too quickly. How is it already July?
Visiting: my family in Wisconsin this weekend! I try to never go more than six weeks without a visit (I'd see them every single day if I could). I miss them dearly!
Rocking: an arm without a sling! I finally got to retire that bad boy last week, but I'm in for some serious physical therapy over the next few months.
Spending: time at work "zen-ing" out my desk. I spend so much time at work, that I think my desk truly needs to be a reflection of myself.
Shopping: at IKEA with my sister. Hello new throw pillows!
Eating: lots of fresh fruit. One of the million reasons I love summer.
Drinking: iced tea. Over the past few weeks, I've been brewing iced tea, and Jack and I have been drinking it like crazy. Currently in our refrigerator: Tazo iced blushberry black tea. Serious yum.
Missing: sleeping in. These busy weekend schedules of ours are preventing a good old-fashioned morning in bed.
Planning: my days and nights via multiple to-do lists. It helps keep me calm and organized.
Working: on PT exercises for my shoulder. THRILLING, I tell you.
Reading: my favorite blogs. These ladies (check out the "Good Read" section) have some seriously great content this summer.
Wanting: weekends to go by just a liittttle bit more slowly. These Monday mornings are coming way too soon.
Enjoying: quiet time on our patio. I sat outside last night after repotting a few plants, and I forgot how serene it is.
Writing: grocery and shopping lists. I have a few trips to Target, Home Depot and local thrift stores on my list.
Pinning: DIY projects and summer produce guides.
Cooking: ...or more like eating out this month. Bum shoulder = great excuse for date nights at Punch Pizza.
Pondering: why society got rid of the old-school polaroid camera. My sister and I used ours this weekend and loved every minute of it.
Listening: to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Ben Kweller. I'm heading to two concerts next weekend; bring on festival season!
Liking: how new pedicures look in my old Birkenstocks.
Feeling: determined to deep clean our apartment one of these days. We'll see how that goes.
Knowing: that this holiday weekend will be fantastic. It always is.
Noticing: that I'm getting much more used to my wavy hair (and love how quickly I can get ready in the morning without blow drying and straightening).
Going: crazy getting through the week with all of these incredible summer plans we have on the calendar.
Debating: a little new ink.
Loving: Weekends spend with my sissy in Minneapolis. I miss that girl always.

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