Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fit: Yoga Girl Challenge: Days 10, 11, 12

Day 10: Get creative.

There's nothing I like more than a DIY project. I've had my heart set on a zen garden lately, and put a thrift store bowl, some sand from our cabin and rocks from my mom to good use.

This little beauty is sitting in our windowsill in the living room. Every so often, the sun catches a crystal at just the right spot and it shines. Just looking at it brings me tranquility.

|| Photo is property of Twentyapolis. Must give credit. ||

Day 11: Random act of kindness.

We got deep for day 11 of the Yoga Girl Challenge. To raise awareness for children who are victims of sexual assault, we screamed for kids to take part in the Scream for Kids awareness event taking place in Stockholm. We got shushed for screaming as loud as we did (there were to others who participated with us). It was worth it.

|| Photo is property of Twentyapolis. Must give credit. ||

Day 12: Get shit done.

Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week. Not only do I allow myself to relax and prepare for the week ahead, I always seem to cross a bunch of things off my to-do list. I get shit done.

In preparation for our trip to Seattle for Labor Day (we leave tomorrow!!!), I had a lot of things on my to-do list (I'll let you in on a secret...that list had a backside). While I didn't get all of them done last Sunday (I'm no super hero), I did cross a significant portion of the tasks off my list. I fell asleep very soundly on Sunday knowing my week was going to be a lot less stressful and significantly more relaxing.

It feels good to get shit done.

|| Photo is property of Twentyapolis. Must give credit. ||

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