Friday, August 29, 2014

Fit: Yoga Girl Challenge: Days 13, 14, 15

Day 13: Be fearless.

I have semi-irrational fears like everyone else (sharks, snakes, spiders, serial killers, zombie apocalypse etc.) But one of the things that scares me on a more day-to-day basis is losing touch with people who matter to me most. Distance, time spent takes effort to stay in touch and nurture relationships. It isn't always easy.

The universe works in such mysterious ways. A few days ago, I received the sweetest card from one of my trust, best friends Katie. She sent a "just because" card to say hello since we hadn't seen each-other in far too long. It reminded me how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life, and how it's worth every bit of effort to keep in touch.

Plus, note the anchor card and Hermione stamp. It's no wonder why that girl and I are such good friends.

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Day 14: Clean out.

Cleaning always feels good. A few days ago, I finally cleaned out my purse (it was a long time coming, and something I'd been dreading). Cleaning out felt great, both mentally and physically (my shoulder is thanking me for the smaller purse and lighter load).

Before we went to China earlier this summer, I purchased the Fossil Explorer Tote (yes, that beauty of a bag below). It was easily the best purchase I made for the entire trip. It carried everything I needed and is still in great condition after everything I put it through. Not to mention, it traveled to the other side of the globe with me on an incredible adventure. Obviously, that purse is now one of my favorites.

But for our upcoming trip to Seattle, I think my shoulders will need a break. I'll be carrying much less, and the forecast calls for rain. That's why I transitioned to my Lululemon Festival Bag. It feels so good to have less clutter and start anew for a new trip. Plus, that bag. I can't think of a better carryall for a week in the Emerald City with my boy.

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Day 15: Sweat.

There's nothing like a good C2 session at Corepower Yoga to clear your mind, get you back on track and make you break a serious sweat. 

I'm just now getting back into yoga after dislocating my shoulder earlier this summer. Not being able to do yoga was easily one of the biggest challenges I've faced recently. Having to give up my primary form of exercise and stress relief was not something I want to do again. Now that my shoulder is finally healing, I'm loving every minute spent at the studio. (I can't get enough of my Yogitoes mat. You can snag it here).

|| Photo is property of Twentyapolis. Must give credit. || 

On that note, happy Labor Day weekend! Jack and I are off to Seattle for a few days to explore, relax and eat lots of yummy food. Follow our travels on Instagram by following @cocoreigh. Cheers to a fabulous weekend! Enjoy.

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