Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fit: Yoga Girl Challenge: Days 16, 17, 18

Day 16: The altar.

This is one of my favorite places in our apartment; a tiny window ledge only inches from the floor. While it doesn't look like your typical altar, everything on this ledge has meaning. the zen garden my mom helped me make, birch candle holders my dad cut from trees at our cabin, the succulents Jack and I bought (both in Minnesota and Wisconsin) and have somehow kept alive for two years. All sitting next to the window that lets in the smallest amount of light. Such a unique, important little place in our home. 

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Day 17: I love you

What a stud. I captured this picture over our Labor Day vacation in Seattle. It was such an amazing weekend exploring Seattle with that one (more to come about that soon!) You are a true adventurer and I love that about you. You bring out the best in me and make me laugh like no one else can. I'm a lucky girl.

|| Photos are property of Twentyapolis. Must give credit. ||

Day 18: Mother Nature

While there were three more posts in the Yoga Girl challenge, I ended my challenge right here (Seattle got in the way of the remainder of the challenge in the best way possible). I explored Mother Nature for four glorious days in Seattle with my best friend. Rain, cloudy skies, lush trees and pretty flowers. I loved everything about that rainy little city.

|| Photos are property of Twentyapolis. Must give credit. ||


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