Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY: Free People Sun Sticks

Goodness gracious, how has another weekend come and gone? I hope you had a wonderful weekend with lots of sunshine and outdoors (we definitely did in Duluth at a wedding with friends all weekend).

Speaking of sun, I recently stumbled upon these sun sticks in Free People's Spirituality Shop.  First of all, I've got to say, I secretly am enamored by this shop. While a few of these items make me giggle a little bit, overall, I'm obsessed. Nature calendar? I need it. Painted incense burner? Love it. Moon phase chime? Head over heels.

While I'm still trying to determine how to make a DIY project out of the moon phase chime (again, obsessed), I had a much easier time making the sun sticks. While these adorable little branches are getting some major heat right now (see here and here), I think they're kind of adorable. Would I pay $28 for them? Absolutely not. But would I make them myself for next to nothing? Why of course!

We stayed right on Lake Superior in Duluth over the weekend, so on Sunday morning, Jack and I snuck off to the rocky shore to find some driftwood. Not only did we get more than we needed, but we were able to snatch some pretty early-morning pictures while doing it.

The only other supplies needed were embroidery thread, a scissors and some form of glue (I'd recommend super glue). That's it!

Start with a bundle of driftwood. Any shape, size or texture will work.

Choose your color scheme of embroidery thread colors. I chose a mix of pinks, oranges and purples.

Wrap the embroidery thread around the driftwood. If you wrap the thread tightly enough around the loose end, you shouldn't need to secure it with any glue.

Once the loose end of the thread is secure, continue wrapping thread around the driftwood.

The amount of thread is up to you. You can wrap it thick or thin around the driftwood, as well as in short or long bunches.

Once you're happy with how the thread looks, secure the loose end of the thread with a dab of glue.

Continue wrapping the embroidery thread around a handful of pieces of driftwood. Use varying colors, and wrap them at various points on the driftwood sticks.

And voila! Couldn't be easier.

 || Photos are property of Twentyapolis. Must give credit. || 

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