Friday, January 30, 2015

Love: Meet Camp!

Everyone, meet Camp!

Jack and I have known for quite a while that we wanted to adopt a dog. We had originally planned to wait until we moved into our new apartment, but the best things rarely go according to plan, right?

For my birthday, my friends came over to celebrate and brought donations for the Animal Humane Society (they're the best, right?). On New Year's Eve, I was looking at local shelters Jack and I could distribute the donations to. When I was on their website, I noticed one of the shelters had just received a litter of lab puppies. Naturally, I dropped everything and drove to see them!

Of course, the puppies were adorable. Beyond adorable. But I had to go look at the other dogs before I called Jack. And in the very last kennel, furthest away from all of the other dogs, was Camp.

I'm not sure love at first sight is a thing for humans, but I'm positive it is with pets. My heart melted when I saw Camp. He wasn't at all what we were looking for, but he turned out to be exactly what we needed. Two days later, we picked him up from the shelter and brought him home. And just like that, two became three.

Being dog parents has been such a change! I honestly find myself talking in puppy voices in public, and packing a "diaper bag" of sorts for Camp when we go out for a few hours (redemption points that we brought him to a beer garden, right?). Not to mention, we now have a third bedmate who sleeps right between us. So yes, things have changed a bit. But we're loving it (can you tell?)

Dog overload coming your way. You've been warned!

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