Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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January was an absurd month.

After adopting Camp, we stayed at a friend's house for an entire month while waiting to move in to our new place (our previous apartment didn't allow dogs). Did you hear that correctly? And entire month! For a control freak like me who despises the thought of living out of a suitcase, this month was a true learning experience for me. Not only were Jack and I figuring out how to be dog parents, we had roommates (luckily, they are some of our best friends) and adjusted to a month living in a house in the suburbs. 

To add to that, I've been taking Corepower Yoga Sculpt teacher training (yay!) It's been an incredible experience, but during an already hectic month? It's been interesting.

And to complicate the situation a bit more, our apartment building was unsure whether the building would be "approved" for tenants to move in on February 1 due to setbacks in the building process. So up until Friday, we didn't know whether we'd be in our new place or not.

...I'm stressed just writing this post!

Thankfully, things all fell into place (as they usually do). We started moving into our new place on Sunday, and are hoping to be fully moved in by the end of the week. We're only moving across the street, so we're not even boxing up our belongings; we're honestly just grabbing clothes and drawers and walking it over to our new home!

So while January was crazy, I'm hoping that February is a month of nesting. I'm looking forward to getting settled in our new apartment, and finally having a place Camp can call home. I'm excited to host my parents in our new place over Valentine's Day weekend, and celebrate the Chinese New Year with the McCarthys. And of course, graduate from Corepower Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training (yay!) and pack for Costa Rica (I leave at the end of the month!)

And in-between? Cooking, crafting and snuggling with our handsome pup, of course.

February, you have no idea how long we've been waiting for you!

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