Monday, February 22, 2016

Starting Anew: Weekly Affirmation

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I realized something last week - there is nothing like having the support of other women

It's not even the support of your family or your best girlfriends (but cheers to the strong, bold ladies who stand by our sides no matter what). It's the support of women in general. Women who have gone through similar experiences, who have had good days and bad. Ladies who take one look at you and know that a smile or a kind compliment can move mountains and change your whole day. Girls who might not know you well (or at all), but recognize that we're all in this together.

Last week, I felt so supported. I reached out to an old friend (and master hair colorist) and explained to her that I needed a change. At the drop of a hat, she was there for me, and allowed me to have an entire afternoon filled with easy conversation and "me-time" (and a brand new look). 

On top of that, I spent every day last week surrounded by strong, powerful women kicking booty every morning at BootCamp. We laughed, hugged and supported the shit out of each-other (you need to do that when 6 a.m. workouts are involved).

Not to mention, Meg and I had a roommate night filled with wine, face masks and Girls. And I spent an evening with some of my best yoga friends drinking white wine and chatting about life. Plus, I had long phone calls with my mom and sister.

I felt positive, strong and like I could conquer the world, with strong, likeminded people by my side. That's the power of supporting women. 

If nothing else, do that.

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