Monday, January 30, 2017

Style: Black Letter Board

Sometimes random Amazon purchases turn out to be the best gd thing ever.

The brewery I work at has an amazing vintage felt letter board (I am beyond obsessed with it). Ever since I started working there, I knew I wanted one of my own for my home. But lo and behold, those bad boys are expensive.

Insert Amazon. I did a bit of research (about 2 minutes) and found a significantly cheaper plastic version #impulsebuy. Impulse buy or not, it's one of my favorite things in my apartment.

I've changed the quote a few times since I bought it (one to creep out my roommate Nick, another to celebrate the holidays, and below is the current quote). It's the perfect way to change up the space without having to buy anything new. It's hanging right next to the bar cart, and is certainly a focal point.

For reference, this is the board I bought. Highly recommend!

 || Photo is property of Mountain Shadow Morning. Must give credit. ||

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