Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Style: Camp Hudson

Did I mention I work a day a week at a brewery? 

It's called Able Seedhouse + Brewery. And it's amazing. The beer is so good and the people who run it and work there are are some of the best people I know. They're warm, talented and are always down to do something cool.

Insert "Camp Hudson." My coworkers decided it would be a great idea to have a beer brewing contest so we could learn a little bit more about how beer is actually made (don't be fooled, we're all experts in drinking it). So we paired up and got to work.

Katie (cute little blonde below) and I met at Able. And she's quickly become one of my closest friends. We share a mutual love for all things outdoors, Patagonia gear, good beer and our pups (see Able's cute post about us here). So naturally, we had to pair up for this competition. And let me tell you, we were the underdogs (by a long shot).

Katie and I had never brewed beer before. Not only that, but we barely knew how beer was made. Also, neither of us had ever had a job that had anything to do with cooking or science. So, we got to work.

Lo and behold, Katie and I took second in the competition for the taste of our beer, and first place for our branding (this is where we knocked it out of the park, because naturally). Here's what we did.

We decided to craft a West Coast style IPA with a single malt and single hop (Simcoe). The simcoe hop has pine and passionfruit notes, and is always referred to as a "she" hop. DONE DEAL, we feminists want the lady hop. After we brewed, we got to work on the brand.

We love our pups, so the name "Camp Hudson" (Camp is my pup, Hudson is Katie's) came pretty quickly. With this in mind for our brand, we named our beer the "Four Legged Ranger IPA." Our pups + the great outdoors? Done deal.

From there, we created a logo. And then we had our coworker Isaiah shoot some photos of us (more of his work here). And then, the whole thing came together. 

I introduce to you: Camp Hudson (available nowhere but oh so good)

About Camp Hudson:

Morning campfires, the first catch of the day, canoeing in uncharted waters and midnight skies. The best things happen outdoors, and we just want to be outside in it. With our pups. Enjoying every second (with a good beer in hand). 

Camp Hudson represents that place you hold close, that you keep coming back to - your first camping spot, the hiking trail with the ​killer​ overlook, the ​hidden falls. We're hoping this is the beer you drink when you can't be there in person, and the beer you take with you when you make it back. 

About Four Legged Ranger IPA:

There's something special about the bond between a pup and his trailmate. We made this beer to be the third wheel on all your adventures. The Four Legged Ranger is a single malt, single hop-style IPA brewed with Simcoe hops. With flavors of pine and passionfruit and a woodsy aroma, this beer was made for the outdoors, just like you and your canine companion. 

Oh, and we bottled the Four Legged Ranger in bottles and liter size growlers. Easy to pack and even easier to sip at the end of a long hike. 

ABV: 4.5%

About the brewers: Katie

Katie loves Hudson (her black lab pooch). She's also obsessed with the salty sea, ​​running rolling trails until she can't feel her toes, and slamming cheese curds the local dive bar. She's a master of making up new words and smiling to get out of trouble. 

About the brewers: Courtney

Courtney loves Camp (her pitbull lab rescue). She's also a big fan of hot coffee over campfires, s'mores with peanut butter and her worn in Tevas. She's an avid collector of flannel blankets and makes it to her yoga mat (almost) every day. She's also known for hiking as high as she can go (and leaning over the edge a bit), but we forgive her for that.

|| Photos are property of Isaiah Photo and Mountain Shadow Morning. Must give credit || 

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