Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fit: Hecco x CorePower Yoga

Oh man you guys, sometimes I get to work with some seriously badass people.

That happened last November on one particularly sunny day at CorePower Yoga. We partnered with a friend of ours, Hector, who owns Hecco. He shot some Yoga Sculpt and strength training photos of us, and made us feel totally badass in the process.

One thing I want to say about fitness photos - the majority of what you see isn't always all that accurate. It's really easy to think you're unhealthy and really "don't have it all" when comparing yourself to the people you see in fitness photos online. I've certainly felt that way before, and when we finalized the photo shoot with Hector, I knew we wanted these photos to be different.

First and foremost, Hector is amazing. He was able to make us feel so strong, powerful and comfortable in front of the camera. And by doing that, he was able to capture real, raw fitness photos.

The best part about these photos is that they aren't edited. We aren't slimmed down or airbrushed. We didn't have our hair and makeup done. We came straight from a 6 a.m. BootCamp workout with sweaty hair and added tinted lip balm. We put on dry clothes, and challenged ourselves to wear sports bras to expose our most vulnerable body parts. We cheered each-other on, took deep breaths and just had fun.

Cheers to women standing with women, being strong, feeling proud of their bodies and doing the damn thing.

|| Photos are property of Hecco and Mountain Shadow Morning. Must give credit. || 

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