Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Style: Valentine's Day For Him

I like this holiday. A lot. I've posted about it here, here and here (there's more too). Regardless of whether I've been single or in a relationship, I've always enjoyed Valentine's Day. Love is something we should always celebrate (self-love, love for a significant other, family, friends etc.) Plus, I love giving gifts (and treating myself, too!) What a great holiday.

What I love about living in Minneapolis is that there are so many incredible local artisans to shop from. If you're looking for a Midwest gift for your beau (or any other guy in your life), you're in luck! I've also included a few products from some of my favorite national companies.

Happy shopping, friends.

Flannel: Is it safe to say that every man needs a good flannel? I hope so. Especially in Minnesota, these things are as prevalent as snowflakes. If your guy doesn't have one (or if he needs another), I love the flannels from J. Crew. They fit well, are high quality and are totally affordable.

Minnesota coasters: MN Leather Works is quickly becoming one of my favorite Minnesota brands (you'll see a few of their products in this gift guide). These coasters are great for any guy who calls Minnesota home. They're durable, locally made and stylish. I can't imagine a living room that these would look out of place in. 

Espresso: YES COFFEE. Dogwood Coffee Co. has some of the best coffee in the Twin Cities (I'm currently drinking their Mixtape blend this morning). I haven't tried Bear Hug Espresso yet, but I've heard the best things. You can't go wrong with this one. 

Watch: Nixon makes a great watch. I've always believed a watch is a great go-to gift, and I love the leather band on this one

Book: If you're guy is a whiskey buff, give this book a try. It goes into detail of how to make whiskey, and the history of whiskey in the United States. Plus, it would look great on any coffee table or on a bar cart. 

Candle: LAST CHANCE FOR THIS CANDLE! It smells like campfire. It's in an awesome glass container. Buy it now. 

Hot sauce: This hot sauce is made in St. Paul. ST. PAUL! The Midwest, where people typically don't enjoy spicy foods. But this stuff is soooooo good. Hot sauce is such an unconventional gift, but it totally makes sense for this holiday (plus, it's local). And it's SO affordable. 

Men's bag: A travel bag is so necessary for any guy, whether you're going on weekend getaways or taking long trips. I love Duluth Pack because their products are made in Minnesota and have a lifetime guarantee. 

Toothpick holder: For the guy who has everything - a toothpick holder! I've never heard of these before but the minute I saw them I was hooked (leave it to MN Leather Works to blow us away). I know so many men who grab a toothpick every time they see one at a restaurant. What better way to always make sure you have one available than in one of these nifty leather holders? 

Shave club: I've always thought Dollar Shave Club was an excellent gift. Men need razors, and this company delivers them monthly, and the quality is great (side note, Hayden has a subscription and loves them).  Also, he purchased one for himself, so I can't get one for him (guys, am I right??)

Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a great gift - every guy can use a nice pair of specs. I've always been a big fan of Ray-Ban, and love the aviator look. 

Headlamp: This might be my favorite gift on this list. A head lamp! If your guy is outdoorsy and likes hiking, or if he tinkers around outside in the dark, a headlamp is a great gift. Hayden and I are heading to Alaska next month and are buying two of these soon (nerd alert). 

Thermos: This is the best mug I've ever owned (and I've owned a lot of mugs). It keeps hot beverages warm for 10+ hours (I haven't tried cold yet, but I'm sure it's an incredibly long time). Plus, I don't think these things ever go out of style. 

Pocketbook: These are my favorite notebooks. They're small enough to fit in your back pocket/glove compartment/backpack etc. 

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