Monday, February 20, 2017

Fit: Side Plank with Leg Variation

There are few postures that equal parts challenge me and make me feel like a total badass. Side plank (especially with a leg variation) is one of those postures. 

Side plank is a great posture for your back, arms and core. Plus, it helps improve balance and challenges stability. I've been teaching side plank in all of my C2 classes lately, because no matter where you're at in your practice, you'll always find a new way to push and challenge yourself within this posture. 

But first things first - side plank certainly isn't a challenge you'd do with out some adequate warming up. To warm up for side plank, focus on movements that warm up your shoulders, upper back and core. Cat/cow, side body stretches, thread the needle and high plank pose are great postures to warm you up before attempting side plank. 

|| Photo is property of Mountain Shadow Morning. Must give credit. || 

Side Plank with Leg Variation (Vasisthasana)

1.) Start in high plank pose. Stack your shoulders over your wrists, drop your hips in line with your shoulders, squeeze your core and press back through your heels.

2.) Squeeze your legs together and drop your heels to the left. 

3.) Press down through your left hand and extend your right arm up toward the ceiling. 

4.) Open your chest toward the right side of the room and press into the pinky side edge of your left foot. Stack your hips on top of one another and press your hips toward the ceiling.

5.) Engage your core to lift your right leg up toward the ceiling. Flex your right foot and squeeze your right glute to lift higher. 

6.) Stay for 4-5 breaths and come back to high plank. Then repeat on the other side. 

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