Monday, March 6, 2017

Mood: March Feel

We're back! After 11 days exploring the Last Frontier, we're home in Minneapolis (currently on hour 1839402990 snuggling with Camp). It was an incredible trip, and I can't wait to share our adventures with you later this month! In the meantime, welcome, March.

I always associate colors with months, and for some reason, March always feels green (fingers crossed that means we'll see warmer weather and less snow this month, today's a good sign). While we're reminiscing every minute of our winter adventure in Alaska, I'm still daydreaming about green grass and blue skies. Spring, I'm hoping you grace us with your presence sooner rather than later. 

This month, I'm moving toward spring. I'm adding more greenery to our home, spending more time on my yoga mat and am phasing out my billowy winter clothes. Camper and I are also v excited to see more sunshine and take more naps in the sun (he's my little sun seeker, as you can see below).

March, welcome. 

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