Monday, February 6, 2017

Presently: February

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Making: salads for lunch and it's getting a littleeee boring. Suggestions are welcome!
Watching: Nashville on Hulu (I have a full season to binge, which is basically a dream come true).
Doing: all the things. This month feels beyond busy already.
Thinking: about waking up and having coffee in ALASKA later this month. Can't wait.
Visiting: with my sister on the phone when we can. I miss that girl.
Rocking: dirty hair (no surprise) and a very stiff neck after a little fender bender last week.
Spending: time on my laptop plowing through emails, and time on my mat stretching and decompressing.
Shopping: on Amazon for last minute Alaska items (think headlamps, protein bars etc.)
Eating: dark chocolate milk balls from Lunds. Oh my god. I get a pass because it's February but dear goodness.
Drinking: a lot of coffee. And red wine at night.
Missing: having weekends off. Each of these February weekends is packed with yoga and working and everything else.
Planning: details for our trip, including dogsledding. Can't wait.
Working: long (but very fulfilling) hours. Which is why this vacation will be oh so sweet.
Reading: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. Part of my February reads.
Wanting: to spend more time working on new postures and inversions in yoga.
Enjoying: cuddles with Camper whenever I can get them.
Writing: blog post after blog post. It feels good to be back at it.
Pinning: not as much as I'm used to! I've been slacking on my Pinterest game lately.
Cooking:...more like "watching Hayden cook." I'm not mad about it.
Pondering: what would happen if I just stayed in bed all day and never left...
Listening: to the new songs from John Mayer. I'm a fan.
Liking: these past few sunny days in Minneapolis. It makes me feel like spring might actually be coming sooner rather than later.
Feeling: like I need to get back on my healthy eating train. It would be so great to feel amazing during these busy next few weeks.
Noticing: that drinking kombucha every day makes me feel great. It's an expensive habit, but I'm not sure I can tackle a homemade brew at this point.
Going: to drink coffee all afternoon. Is that allowed?
Debating: growing my hair our really long or chopping it again. Long or lob, what do you guys think?
Loving: wearing wool socks and slinking around the house in an oversized sweater with a big mug of coffee.
Marveling: at the good a truly positive attitude can do (and how necessary it is).

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