Monday, March 27, 2017

DIY: La Croix Door Mat

The best part is that this DIY is way easier than it looks.

TBH, I made this a few months ago as a holiday gift. I saw a similar version on Pinterest (for wayyyyy more money than I wanted to spend), so I figured I could do it myself. And thank the DIY gods, I was right.

The entire project took less than an hour to make (and it was almost dry by then, too). If La Croix isn't your jam, you can change the phrase on the doormat to be anything that you want. It's that easy (but really, if you aren't obsessed with La Croix, we need to talk).


Doormat (I used this one from IKEA)
Black craft paint (especially if you can find a waterproof version, go for it!)
Lettered stencils (the ones I used were roughly 3 inches tall)
Tape (I used painter's tape)


1.) Using your stencils, space out the phrase you'd like to use. Use tape to hold the letters in place (this will also help you space them apart). 

2.) Pour your black paint onto a paper plate or piece of scrap paper. Use your paintbrush to paint within the lines of the stencils. I found a dabbing technique to work best (it forced the paint to penetrate deeper into the mat that way). Paint inside each of the letters. If you feel the paint looks light, go over it a second time.

3.) Allow the paint to dry. After an hour or so, remove the stencils carefully and allow the mat to continue drying. I allowed mine to dry for roughly 24 hours before I gifted it.

4.) Enjoy!

|| Photo is property of Mountain Shadow Morning. Must give credit. ||

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