Sunday, March 19, 2017

Presently: March

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Making: healthy dinners and lunches after allowing ourselves to completely indulge in Alaska.
Watching: The Last Alaskans - it's SO good! We got hooked in Alaska and are addicted now that we're home.
Doing: laundry and cleaning. Coming home after vacation is actually kind of the worst.
Thinking: about spring clothing - I have bachelorette parties in Florida and the Hamptons in May and can't wait to not have to wear a hat and mittens.
Visiting: with our families in March and April. We really haven't seen them since the holidays, so it will feel so good to spend time with them.
Wearing: this super oversized long sleeve shirt from an Alaskan gift shop. It's super nerdy but only cost $8 and I kind of love everything about it.
Spending: more like saving! I need to get back to budgeting after this trip, and with others (and lots of summer weddings) on the horizon. I did, however, splurge for tulips and cupcakes for a friend's birthday and had to snap a photo because SPRING THINGS.
Shopping: for groceries, mostly. The nicer weather puts me in the mood to get back in the kitchen.
Eating: this unreal broccoli slaw salad with grapefruit that Hayden came up with. It's so good and he actually refuses to give me the recipe.
Drinking: maybe an iced coffee this week? I don't hate the idea...
Missing: Alaska (yes, already). It's a truly incredible place. We're already dreaming up our next adventure back there.
Planning: our summer calendar (we're in the double digits as far as weddings go).
Working: a lot now that I'm back for vaca. It's been a very busy few months, so my week and a half long vaca was much needed. Now it's back to the grind!
Reading: This Is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live by Melody Warnick. I'm (admittedly) not doing as well with my resolution of reading two books per month, but I started this one on our trip and am beyond hooked.
Wanting: more warm sunny days (this means longer walks for me and Camper).
Enjoying: how productive I can be with my laptop and a pot of coffee (yes, pot).
Writing: blog posts about our Alaska trip!
Pinning: ...not much of anything lately. I am, however, looking for a killer seafood chowder recipe that's on the healthier side and packed with fresh herbs. If you have recommendations, please share!
Cooking: hopefully that seafood chowder. Stay tuned.
Pondering: how long I could sleep if I really let myself. My bet is +11 hours.
Listening: to new music for my March playlists. I'm currently vibing on Lord Huron and Hippo Campus.
Liking: that there's no snow on the ground. I know it should still be winter, but clean sidewalks are a dog mom's DREAM (no muddy paws).
Feeling: like if I close my eyes and wish hard enough, I'll be back in Alaska in this little cabin on Resurrection Bay in Seward. Photos to come.
Noticing: that we're already almost done with March! The days are flying by.
Going: to put more focus on blogging regularly now that I'm back to a (more) normal schedule. I have so much to share with you all!
Debating: a massive food-prepping evening spent in the kitchen. Also debating an entire evening spent on my couch. Toss-up.
Loving: exploring new restaurants (particularly a few new ones in St. Paul). We recently went to Revival and Groveland Tap **insert heart eye emoji**.
Marveling: over how good it feels to have the evenings stay lighter a little longer.

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